Friday, January 8, 2010

@ 2 Yrs. and a couple of months

You love to read. You might not know all the words, but you can sure tell me all about it.

Love you, MOM

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Noon Year!

This year for New Years we took Cadence to the Phoenix Zoo. They were having a celebration for kids. She had so much fun playing in the snow, which was more like mud, dancing, and getting to toast at noon with her own cup of sparkling cider. After the celebration was over we had some lunch than walked the whole zoo. Just let me tell you being 6 months pregnant and walking 2.5 miles is not my idea of fun, but Cadence had a blast seeing all the different animals. She was so tired, she fell asleep in her stroller right as we were leaving and didn't even open her eyes when we put her in the car.

Later Jason and I had our own toast and kiss at midnight. Cadence was asleep by 8:30pm. I guess we wore her out good. I dedcided that my New Years resolution for this year is to make some friends. I know that sounds pretty lame, but we have been here for almost two years and don't have any close friends. So that is my goal for this year. And also just to be a better mother and wife to my growing family. I hope you all had a good New Years celebration.

P.S. I have pictures, but for some reason it is not letting me upload them. I will get them up a little later, hopefully it will work by then.


Christmas this year was okay...I'm not gonna lie. For some reason, Jason and I were not feeling very Jolly, as some may say. But here are some pictures of our Christmas.

Here is our tree, Christmas morning...just waiting for someone to come tear up all the wrapping paper.

Finally the little munchkin decided to get up and look at all the things Santa had brought her. at 9 am.

You can tell that this was Jason's idea of a gift, but she loves it.

Here is Cadence before Christmas dinner enjoying her new pony.
Our cute little Christmas Dinner table set up for the three of us. Which by the way I cooked all by myself. It was delicious.
Jason and I after dinner. We were stuffed.
Jason enjoying his new Christmas present which as his phone. I also got a new phone! We love them.

I am bummed I didn't get very many pictures. I had the video camera going the whole time and didn't even think to grab my camera until after we finished opening our gifts.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.